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Mekong Filming

We are the Mekong Regions Most Experienced Film Fixing Team

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The Mekong River has a special place in the hearts of the team at Film Fixers Southeast Asia and we have been actively facilitating film shoots within the river basin since 1999. The Mekong is one of the most diverse bio-realms on earth which physically links all of the nations of mainland Southeast Asia including Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam (With the exception of city state Singapore) on its nearly 5000 kilometer journey from a remote Himalayan glacier to the sea.


In 2004, the founder of Film Fixers Southeast Asia, Mick O'Shea became the first person in history to fully explore and navigate the full length of this mighty river, from Source to Sea on a 142 day predominantly solo man powered expedition. Mick produced and co-directed a multi award winning environmental film on the journey 'Exploring the Mother of Waters' and also published a book called 'In the Naga's Wake' Allen and Unwin Publishing House. 

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Mekong Mick with Hutch Brown (Cameraman)
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Mick O'Shea Centre Kayak, the first person to navigate the Mekong From Source to Sea with Brian Eustis and Hutch Brown

Mick developed a reputation amongst international film makers as the regions leading expert on filming within the Mekong basin and became affectionately known to many as 'Mekong Mick' . Mick and his team have subsequently been recruited to help produce dozens of film shoots in the region including blue chip series by the BBC, Netflix, National Geographic, Smithsonian TV and the Discovery channel. At film fixers Southeast Asia, we can say with confidence that no one knows the Mekong River basin region quite like us. We have physically seen every inch of the rivers mainstream and  have filmed along its entire length over the course of decades. No one else can offer this level of experience. If your planning to film a program within the Mekong Region, get in touch with the Mekong regions most experienced film fixing team.  

                                                                                          Film Permits:

Each nation within the Mekong basin has its own film permit process, we have worked with all of them and can advise on the most efficient way to obtain permits based on your productions requirements. You can see the individual requirements for each nation here:










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Moving Crew and Kit Between Mekong Nations:


We have worked on various multi nation film shoots, where  the crew travels directly from one Mekong nation to the next, filming the whole time. We have also arranged many 'In transit film kit movements' between Mekong nations. For example filming equipment that is required in Southern Laos arrives in Bangkok Airport Freight Terminal, the kit then travels overland to Laos and is crossed into Southern Laos by our team for a remote location shoot in the jungles of Southern Laos then exits Laos into Cambodia overland.


Direct overland movements like this can often save shoots considerable time and expense. Provide us with your productions shoot objectives and well be able to advise you on the most time and cost effective options available.

Film Permit Processing Costs

The complexity and work load of processing each permit varies depending upon the number of departments and parties involved and the complexity and scale of the shoot. Therefore it’s only possible to provide an accurate permit processing estimate once some details on the shoot specifics have been provided. Feel free to send through some basic details on your shoot including: A brief Description of the program with a rough filming schedule noting the filming locations and size of crew. With this information in hand we’re able to come back quickly with a permit processing estimate.

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Mekong Mick paddles Khone Falls.png
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